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"Alcryn®" is a registered trademark of  A Schulman Inc for its brand of melt-processible rubber. No other company makes Alcryn®. In our own literature, A Schulman protects its trademark by differentiating the trademark in type and using a "®" with each occurrence of the word. Melt - processible rubber (MPR) is a trademark of A Schulman.

In normal news writing or magazine text, we recognize that media styles may prevent use of distinguishing typestyles or the "®" to properly identify our trademark. In such contexts, the word, "Alcryn," must at least be capitalized.

The word, "Alcryn" can only be used to describe melt-processible rubber. (For example, there is no such thing as "Alcryn window trim"; there are window seals made of "Alcryn melt-processible rubber.")

Use of the word "Alcryn" should include proximity to the word "APA", or reference to A Schulman as the trademark owner, either in text or a footnote.

We encourage A Schulman customers to use the "Alcryn" trademark in their own literature describing quality features of their manufactured products. Please observe the above rules and properly reference A Schulman as the registered trademark owner.