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Alcryn® Melt-Processible Rubber™ Approved for use in GM Antenna System

February 5, 2013

Mayfield Heights, OH, January 21, 2013

Advanced Polymer Alloys (APA), a division of Ferro Corporation (NYSE: FOE) and the world’s leading supplier of Melt-Processible Elastomers™ (MPEs), today announced that its Alcryn® Melt-Processible Rubber™ (MPR) has been selected for use in an automotive satellite antenna system offered in a wide range of General Motors vehicles. 

Alcryn® MPR was selected for its exceptional outdoor weathering, UV & Ozone resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and its outstanding elastomeric sealing ability.  The material is approved in both GM color standard 848 black and 598F Anthracite.

“An antenna system is a deceptively difficult application, and success depends on how the materials work together to withstand the constant environmental demands in additonal to the reception issues involved,” said Jeff Armour, business manager for APA.

Alcryn® provides superior radio signal attenuation, allowing the OEM to bundle satellite radio and on-board navigation systems into a signal antenna without negatively impacting reception."

The use of Alcryn MPR in the antenna application provides several important benefits, including: 
• Resistance against years of exposure to road salt, washer fluids, polish, soap, etc. 
• Maintains system reception quality 
• Ability to withstand car washings with abrasive brushes 
• Holds color well and remains flexible over the life of the vehicle 
• Ability to overmold and bond to various substrates in two component designs 

About APA 
Advanced Polymer Alloys (APA), a division of Ferro Corporation, is the world’s leading supplier of Melt-Processible Elastomers (MPEs). 

APA’s broad line of elastomers spans the entire TPE price/performance range – from the wide appeal of soft, affordable DuraGrip®, to top-performing Alcryn® MPR™, the world’s only melt-processible rubber. 

Bridging the gap between design vision and engineering reality, APA’s unique material innovations deliver ideal performance properties to enhance the quality, appeal, and marketability of virtually every product. 

APA’s goal is to provide customers with optimal material solutions for their specific needs – whether drawing from its full MPE line or compounding custom alloys. 

Ferro Corporation is a major international producer of performance materials for industry, including coatings and performance chemicals. The company has operations in 20 countries. 

For more information on the company’s product line, visit APA on the web at www.APAinfo.com or call 888-663-6005. 

Alcryn®, Melt-Processible Rubber™ (MPR), DuraGrip®, and Melt-Processible Elastomers™ (MPE) are trademarks or registered trademarks of Ferro Corporation.