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Alcryn® MPR

The world’s first family of Melt-Processible Rubbers – designed for parts that operate in demanding end use environments and require the superior performance of rubber.

The World's Only Melt-Processible Rubber

When it comes to true rubber performance, ordinary thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) can’t compare to Alcryn® MPRTM. For more than 20 years, Alcryn has brought the rich look and feel of vulcanized rubber to molded and extruded products around the world. It matches the elasticity, mechanical properties, and true, soft feel of rubber better than TPEs, offering a unique combination of performance properties like superior abrasion resistance, coefficient of friction, chemical/fuel/oil resistance, weatherability, environmental resistance, and more.

Unlike vulcanized rubber, Alcryn processes with the ease of a plastic for tremendous cost savings. It requires no curing, pre-drying, or other time-consuming steps prior to processing, and it processes on standard plastics machinery. Plus, Alcryn scrap can be recycled and reused without sacrificing performance.

Typical Alcryn MPR Applications
Extruded profiles Coated fabrics Blow-molding
Calendered sheet Injection-molded parts Thermoforming
Co-extruded profiles Over-molded parts

Industries Benefiting from Alcryn MPR
Automotive Tools & appliances Architectural
Home & garden Wire & cable Consumer products
Industrial products

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